No longer caring how ridiculous I look

Hey, that went a bit quick!

Ok, I know it’s not the slightest bit original, but I felt the need to write a year-end wrap up of what’s happened this year.  I’ve tried it before in less eventful years, but this year I’m really looking back at a year quite unlike the previous one, and looking forward into next with barely concealed excitement.  But I’m going to keep the over-the-shoulder part short and focus on what’s in front.

The past

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Snowdonia 2011 – Day 4

I’m in agony and can’t sit down without wincing. I don’t think I broke anything, but I must have one hell of a bruise. Unfortunately I can’t see without a highly complex arrangement of mirrors.

And the weather forecast isn’t good. Rain and high winds for most of the day, with only a small chance of a clear patch at some point. So Continue reading “Snowdonia 2011 – Day 4”

Snowdonia 2011 – Day 3


Today I met up with sunnysky from the LFTO forum.

We parked in Croesor and took the path up onto the ridgeline above the village. The summit of Cnicht stood out against the background of cloud enveloping the other mountains.

We made good progress and despite a strengthening headwind very quickly we reached the steeper ascent onto the summit, scrambling Continue reading “Snowdonia 2011 – Day 3”

Beacon Tarn

Cumbria Way Day 2

When I booked Fell End camping barn, I didn’t have any other options given the route I wanted to take. Nevertheless it was an ok choice as it had all the basics (shelter, something to sleep on, a toilet and drinking water) and was only £8.50. Also my knee seems to have recovered overnight but whether that was the ibuprofen, beer or a night’s rest I’m not sure.

The lovely hazy sunny day of yesterday had gone and been replaced by clouds down to about 300m in places. Luckily I wasn’t going as high as that today, but I missed out on a good view of the line of fells running up to the Old Man.

It was a slow start and even though I was first up and first to leave, it was 09:55 before I set off. I’d just gone through the gate at the barn when I had to stop again to put on waterproofs and raincover.

Opposite the end of the lane leading to Woodland Hall, I took a short cut through the bracken and joined the fell road higher up. But I was only on the road a couple of hundred metres before Continue reading “Cumbria Way Day 2”

Cumbria Way signpost

Cumbria Way Day 1

I arrived in Ulverston afer a smooth journey and set off for the start point. I then promptly fell over in the main street almost in front of Stan and Ollie (who I’m sure were pointing and laughing at me) and had to be helped up by two old ladies (that’s the wrong way round surely ?!).

Statue of Stan and Ollie in Ulverston
Statue of Stan and Ollie in Ulverston

Blood pouring from a cut above the eye where I used my face to cushion my fall on the pavement, I picked up my broken glasses and limped with my banged knee to a bench for a nice sit down. Unbelievably a toilet with a mirror couldn’t be found in Ulverston so I later used one of those seeing around corners roadside mirrors to administer first aid.

Cumbria Way start point in Ulverston
Cumbria Way start point in Ulverston

Eventually, I made it to the start point (in a car park) and set off veering off the official path to visit Knottallow Tarn and to make my way along country lanes to the wind farm on Kirkby Moor, accompanied by a strong smell Continue reading “Cumbria Way Day 1”