Screech Wood

I’m no stranger to this particular patch of woodland on the North Downs. Numerous walks have been done through or alongside it, but always solo. This time though I had some company. Continue reading “Screech Wood”

24 Hours in the Radnor Forest

After a long drive, I parked up by the Cornewall-Lewis memorial in New Radnor and met up with Stuart who’d parked just up the road. Stuart dumped his recently acquired Mariposa by my car while he did his pre-walk faff, and I took the opportunity to have a good look at it. I really should have brought my older Dyneema version to compare it directly with Stu’s Robic model, and that feeling only grew as I tried to attach various extra essentials to the outside of my Jam – critical items like beer, whisky and my lunch. Continue reading “24 Hours in the Radnor Forest”

More Jam Than Hartleys

The whistling and roaring sounds from outside that I heard whilst safely tucked up in my YHA bunk were all the confirmation needed that I’d made a good call last night. I didn’t feel a bit bad about taking the easy option this time. Continue reading “More Jam Than Hartleys”

Which Long Distance Walk for 2013 – The Results

A week and a bit ago, I did a post asking for some views as to which of 4 possible options for my main long distance walk for next year I should do. Here are the results and the decision. Continue reading “Which Long Distance Walk for 2013 – The Results”