A Snowy Saunter around the Southern Fells

I lay in my sleeping bag nervously watching the tent flexing and straining under the force of the icy wind blowing down from the head of Eskdale, hoping it would hold as it was now too dark to shift camp to somewhere more sheltered. Memories of a past windy camp came back to both haunt me and at the same time boost my confidence that my tent would hold… Next morning I emerged to the new snowfall, pulling on my outer layers in the biting cold and tunneling my way out through the snowdrift surrounding Monica to inspect her sorry and bedraggled state after a night standing up to the Lake District winter…

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Positive Mental Attitude

Last night certainly put the wild into wild camping. 7 hours of constant heavy rain and strong winds battered the tent,  and with each climactic gust I watched for signs that my shelter wasn’t going to hold.
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The wind and my 11 inch sausage

Thursday was always predicted to be the worst day in terms of weather but even so the forecast I picked up on Wednesday morning seemed better than before I left home. How wrong I was.
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The Odyssey resumes

I ambled along Fenchurch Street, by now used to the looks of mild disdain that the sight of a guy dressed for the outdoors and carrying a rucksack evokes in city folk. I left them to hurry on to their early heart attacks while I headed for nature’s playground, deriving extra satisfaction from the fact that it’s a Tuesday and I’ve finished with work for the week. Continue reading “The Odyssey resumes”

The Brackenbottom route to Pen-y-ghent

Trip Report: Yorkshire 3 Peaks TweetMeet

The sky darkened and rain streaked across the carriage window as the train drew further north. Not a good sign. Time to put some faith in the weather forecast, which had remained consistent over the last few days, promising largely dry conditions with the odd shower and light breezes. Not perfect, but certainly sounding better than the Lake District the week before, which had led to abandonment of the trip.  I really wanted this one to go a bit better… Continue reading “Trip Report: Yorkshire 3 Peaks TweetMeet”

Towards Pasture Bottom

A Far Eastern Odyssey – Part 2: A Lost Mojo

Sunday 1 July

Today was a severe test of resolve and several issues were thrown my way. Not all of them were successfully resolved.

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Planning my last Nuttall

I’ve now done 150 of the 253 English Nuttalls, meaning they’re 59% complete, and by the corresponding stage in my Wainwright round I’d long had my final fell lined up. Indeed before I was 40% through the Wainwrights, this was clear. So it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about my last Nuttall.  The only reason for doing this is to make sure that I don’t end up finishing on some dreary top that only just scrapes in as a Nuttall on a technicality, and has little to commend it. I’m simply not prepared to just leave it to chance. Continue reading “Planning my last Nuttall”