The white course

Becoming part of the food chain

Today I nearly became part of the food chain, when a hulking great beast tried to eat me.  Here’s how it happened… Continue reading “Becoming part of the food chain”

Jim’ll Thicket

Now then, now then, first things first.  An apology for the title of this post.  And an even bigger apology for the pun and tenuous association with the actual subject matter!

(Sir) Jimmy Saville who died this weekend was known for his brightly coloured shell suits and big chunky jewellery.  And his chair which seemed to have endless secret storage places out of which he’d magically produce the badge and sometimes other goodies too.  As children, I think we all wanted to go on the show, not so much to be on TV (which I’m sure would be people’s main motivation nowadays), but to have a once in a lifetime experience and, certainly in my case, to return home with huge armfuls of free stuff that the benefactor bestowed on me.  Indeed, the only reason I never wrote in to the show was that I couldn’t work out what to ask Jim to fix that would be likely to maximise my yield of goodies. Continue reading “Jim’ll Thicket”