The planned route

A Far Eastern Odyssey – Loading my Camel

There’s now only three sleeps left until I load up my camel, plant my feet firmly on the Silk Road and head to the Far East.  Well, the “Far East” of the Lake District, that is.  And I’ve started gathering some gear… Continue reading “A Far Eastern Odyssey – Loading my Camel”

The Jam and the Pacerpoles having a rest

Some new gear

Monica has a lot to answer for. It’s all because of her that I’ve spent so much money on gear this year… Continue reading “Some new gear”

Wild Camping planning 2

This week my work situation became a little clearer, and I’ve felt able to view a trip at the end of April/start of May as something which is going to happen.  And in order to enjoy the spontaneity that the trip will bring, some further planning and decisions will be needed. Continue reading “Wild Camping planning 2”