Moon, Mist and Matilda

Cath was on a bus heading home, but I still had another night and a day to go. The weather was stunning for October, and the thought that was foremost in my mind was repeating the previous night’s stunning camp. Could I take another night of fiery sunsets, 360° views and clear moonlit skies. Hell yes. Especially with a full lunar eclipse due. Continue reading “Moon, Mist and Matilda”

The walk up the Red Screes ridge from Ambleside

Favourite Fells – Red Screes

Today’s post is going to be a bit short, as I covered the walk itself in my Favourite Walks pages.

Red Screes and I didn’t get off to the best start. Back in 2006 on the day I was due to travel home, I woke early and so decided to go for a walk to pick the fell off before breakfast. 6am saw me heading up the Kirkstone Pass road out of Ambleside which I stayed on for a short while before taking a footpath on the left.

Later I wished I’d read Wainwright’s instructions more carefully or even just been more alert to distance covered on the ground v the map. Continue reading “Favourite Fells – Red Screes”

Climbing to Scarth Gap

A Day of Judgement

The title’s probably a touch dramatic, but in my post New Year’s zombie-like state of mind, it seemed to do the trick.  Of course, if you believe the Mayans we’ve just had our last New Year’s Eve parties (no loss there really) as the world is due to end sometime this year. Continue reading “A Day of Judgement”


Whilst everyone else is starting the New Year with positive thinking (that is apart from the effects of last night’s drinking), I thought I’d take an opposite tack and talk about failure.

In my walking career I’ve notched up a few failures and whilst I’ve not let them get to me too much, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a desire to expunge them from the record.  So I thought I’d start the year with a good positive post about all my failed ascents – whether down to the weather, the terrain or simply running out of time. Continue reading “Failure”