The Trouble with Trailstars…(or a brief history of my tents)

Two or three years ago, I saw that several people seemed to be acquiring these funny pentagonal tarps, and always wanting to keep my finger on the pulse, had a look at the Mountain Laurel Designs website myself to see what all the fuss was about.  At the time, I was just moving up from a budget starter backpacking tent (a T2 Ultralight Pro from Decathlon), hadn’t even had my first wild camp, and my requirements were firmly for a tent, with proper doors and everything. Continue reading “The Trouble with Trailstars…(or a brief history of my tents)”

The Jam and the Pacerpoles having a rest

Some new gear

Monica has a lot to answer for. It’s all because of her that I’ve spent so much money on gear this year… Continue reading “Some new gear”

The Jam at Codale Tarn

My first wild camp – Part 1: Jam Packed

Quite literally, in fact…

Continue reading “My first wild camp – Part 1: Jam Packed”

A first date with Monica

It’s early morning and I’m in a unique situation.  Whilst I’ve blogged from a tent several times before, this is the first time I’ve done it over a Wifi connection.  And moreover, my own home Wifi!

Yes, I’ve never camped in the back garden, and thought it was time I did so.  I had an ulterior motive of course – I felt the need to test my new tent, before I take her out to the hills for adventures together. So having sorted her out in the afternoon, we had our first date. Continue reading “A first date with Monica”