A Tour of the Tarns with a Damsel in Distress

The creature stepped from the bog, covered in jet black ooze, spread its arms wide and started to lurch in my direction. I took out my secret weapon and brandished it in front of the foul wretch attempting to fend it off… Continue reading “A Tour of the Tarns with a Damsel in Distress”

Morning at Codale Tarn

My First Wildcamp

A trip with the express purpose of having my first wild camp. I chose an area I’d visited before, with reasonable options for a bail out if needed, but which also gave the opportunity to revisit places I’d not been for a while, some favourite places and to mop up some fells missing from my bag. Continue reading “My First Wildcamp”

Sunset at Tarn At Leaves

My first wild camp – Part 2: Tired, Cold and Hungry

All night the wind gusted around the tent, setting off metallic twangs as the crossing poles resonated. I lay shivering in my sleeping bag, barely dozing for much of the seemingly endless night, willing the dawn to come.

Continue reading “My first wild camp – Part 2: Tired, Cold and Hungry”

Review of 2008

After the 3 months I took off work last year, 2008 was never going to come close, but all in all I’ve not done too badly and I’ve managed to arrange things to optimise my use of annual leave. A quick trip up to the Lake District in April started things off. A wet and windy first day saw me walking over Catbells, Maiden Moor and High Spy with a detour to Castle Crag on the way down. The second day was better weather to start with and I headed up to Skiddaw via Ullock Pike, Long Side and Carl … Continue reading Review of 2008