The Weather Window

The forecast seemed OKĀ and diaries were lining up like soldiers on parade, so I headed down to the Moor on the Friday to squeeze in a solo walk and camp before the Saturday meetup. Parking in Lydford, the plan was to do a walk linking up two patches of unbagged tors – 5 on Sourton Common and 3 immediately east of Lydford. This meant I’d do the vast majority of the walk on the Friday, leaving only a short walk out to the car on Saturday morning. At least that was the plan… Continue reading “The Weather Window”

Dartmoor: The Quest for Vag and a Coffin

The first thing that strikes me as I exit the car after the long drive from home is the cold. It’s a four-layer, hat and gloves sort of cold. I soon warm up as I stride onto the hill in pursuit of my first objective: the Coffin Stone. I top a small rise and see nothing. Out come the laminates from my tor recognition manual. Nothing remotely looking like the picture in view. Continue reading “Dartmoor: The Quest for Vag and a Coffin”