Dartmoor: A Tale of Two Hessaries

I pull into the car park at the Plume of Feathers and find Phil, settle into the bunkhouse, while Phil proudly shows me his recent additions to his library – Crossing’s book and the Dartmoor 365 book. As I unpack, Phil regales me with extracts from both.   Continue reading “Dartmoor: A Tale of Two Hessaries”

New Year, New Dartmoor – Part 4: Brass Monkeys

“It will be quite mild”, said the weather girl on the local news, stood there in her overly fancy dress at 7:30 in the morning. Her colleague, Carol Kirkwood, on the national programme concurred, although being Scottish I imagine anything above about -10C is mild to her. But let me make one thing clear – it wasn’t mild today… Continue reading “New Year, New Dartmoor – Part 4: Brass Monkeys”