The Pilgrim's Way

North Downs Way 1: Farnham to Guildford

With walking now firmly established as my main hobby, I wanted a project that could keep me ready for the hills inbetween trips, and I settled on the North Downs Way.  It’s an obvious choice really as I live just over the Thames in Thurrock, and so is relatively easy to get to.  Also having been brought up in the Gravesend area, I know part of the path between Wrotham and Cuxton, and it would be really good to join it all up.  Having been to the east of Kent in the car, it’ll also be nice to understand the area better by walking through it.  A walk every 2-4 weeks is the plan, and this will see the NDW comfortably completed before the end of the year.

Having waited until the worst of the winter weather has gone, it’s a good day for it.   Continue reading “North Downs Way 1: Farnham to Guildford”