The Eskdale Escapade

I really should have been on the Cambrian Way, but I just didn’t fancy it. For once I wanted to do something I wanted to do. It’s been 6 years since a truly memorable trip to Eskdale, and a couple of years since a less successful one – I was itching to retread some of those paths, re-see some of those views and above all to immerse myself more deeply into the valley by spending some nights camping out there. So I did. Continue reading “The Eskdale Escapade”

Moon, Mist and Matilda

Cath was on a bus heading home, but I still had another night and a day to go. The weather was stunning for October, and the thought that was foremost in my mind was repeating the previous night’s stunning camp. Could I take another night of fiery sunsets, 360° views and clear moonlit skies. Hell yes. Especially with a full lunar eclipse due. Continue reading “Moon, Mist and Matilda”

A Tour of the Tarns with a Damsel in Distress

The creature stepped from the bog, covered in jet black ooze, spread its arms wide and started to lurch in my direction. I took out my secret weapon and brandished it in front of the foul wretch attempting to fend it off… Continue reading “A Tour of the Tarns with a Damsel in Distress”

Deer, bruises and a perfect pitch

I woke with a start as sunlight streamed into the tent. This was surprising enough given the miserable day 2 morning conditions of the previous attempt at this trip. But more surprising still was that I ever got to sleep at all.
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Sunset at Tarn At Leaves

More Joy of Tarns

I looked out through the tent doorway and watched the crepuscular reflections of the fell’s upper ramparts on the tarn a few feet away. Barely a ripple disturbed the surface and I sat alone enjoying the evening burst of colour in a location where the predominant colours are usually green and grey. The sun sunk lower and the colours and reflections faded, bringing the coldness of night. I retreated into the tent and settled down for another night alone on a Lakeland fell.

Sunset at Tarn At Leaves
Sunset at Tarn At Leaves

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Stockley Bridge

Favourite Fells – Seathwaite Fell

Some say that it’s the wettest place in England.  Many would say that it’s not a great fell.  All I know is that it is one of the places I most dream of being in the Lake District. Continue reading “Favourite Fells – Seathwaite Fell”

Symond's Knott

Favourite Fells – Scafell

At one point, I considered leaving Scafell to the end of my Wainwright round, and making it my last fell.  If I had done, then clearly I wouldn’t be writing this post now.  But I wanted something more symbolic for my final fell and chose Haystacks, leaving me free to visit Scafell sooner rather than later. Continue reading “Favourite Fells – Scafell”

The Great Slab

Favourite Fells – Bowfell

Bowfell has many admirers – and for good reason.  It’s great.  This is the first of a run of favourite fells whose main virtue is that there is an interesting way up.  Bowfell is a proper mountain, by Lake District standards, but it wouldn’t quite win top prizes for beauty from me when up against many others.  But it’s a good climb and a great viewpoint – at least assuming the weather is playing ball. Continue reading “Favourite Fells – Bowfell”

The walk up the Red Screes ridge from Ambleside

Favourite Fells – Red Screes

Today’s post is going to be a bit short, as I covered the walk itself in my Favourite Walks pages.

Red Screes and I didn’t get off to the best start. Back in 2006 on the day I was due to travel home, I woke early and so decided to go for a walk to pick the fell off before breakfast. 6am saw me heading up the Kirkstone Pass road out of Ambleside which I stayed on for a short while before taking a footpath on the left.

Later I wished I’d read Wainwright’s instructions more carefully or even just been more alert to distance covered on the ground v the map. Continue reading “Favourite Fells – Red Screes”

Favourite Fells…

Ok, after the chat on Twitter last night when I announced I was working on a post about my favourite fells, I imagine a few people will have come over here to see the list.  Well I’m sorry, I’m going to disappoint you.  At least for the moment.

It would be too easy simply to give a list of my favourites and then sit back and let the arguments begin.  No, I want to draw the pain out a bit longer.  And some of my favourites I love so much, that simply including them on a list is unfair to them.  So I’m going to lead up to the big reveal by covering them a few at a time, and for the really special ones I’m going to do individual posts.  But first, I think I should talk a bit about how I came up with my list.  And I do really have a list, I’m not just stalling for time. Continue reading “Favourite Fells…”

The Joy of Tarns

“I looked down over the edge of the fell at the tarn below and to my right, glistening and beckoning me down to say hello. After what seemed like a long day, I was tired and knew that once I was at the tarn, all I had to do was follow the path down to New Dungeon Ghyll and the bus back to Ambleside…

I started descending a steep slope, my way becoming increasingly impeded by bracken, rocks and sheep as I progressed. It didn’t look that steep on the map. I persevered and after a rather traumatic descent reached the bottom, found a rock at the side of the tarn, and rested a moment while I took stock….

So I sat at the edge of the tarn and gradually I calmed down as I saw the ridge reflected in the tarn’s still waters, even in these cloudy conditions. I felt the calming influence of the gently lapping water at my feet,….”

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A Lakeland Round (2011): The Stats

Not everyone is interested in the stats, so let’s keep the analysis in a separate post. Continue reading “A Lakeland Round (2011): The Stats”

Striding Edge

A Lakeland Round (2011): Day 10 – Wednesday 13 July

Making up for yesterday

Despite me saying last night that I’d do today’s original planned walk and tack yesterday’s omitted walk on the end of it, I never thought I’d actually do it. But I have the aching feet to prove it…. Continue reading “A Lakeland Round (2011): Day 10 – Wednesday 13 July”