Changing my fruit

I know I’m not the only one who has wondered why so many things in the world of technology and communication are named after fruit, and why there are none named after vegetables (please feel free to point out any!).  It’s probably because fruit conjures up images of sweetness, pleasantness and happiness whereas vegetables conjure up images of childhood protests and Baldrick.  After all when you visit someone in hospital you take them grapes or a basket of fruit – not a bunch of carrots.  Fruit is also funny, although I am sick of hearing the joke that does the rounds whenever there’s an issue with any Apple or Blackberry devices – usually a reference to crumble.  So fruit is generally a good thing, although you’ll have your work cut out convincing my daughter of it.  Ironic then that her task this week in Food Technology (Domestic Science or Home Economics as it was called in my schooldays) was to make fruit salad (and eat it).  What with that and my son seeing how many journeys to and from school he could make a small pot of on-the-turn strawberries last, it’s been a bit of a fruit-themed week.  Continue reading “Changing my fruit”

My new Twitter policy

When Twitter first started, I thought what a load of pointless nonsense, and left it well alone. But somewhere along the way I signed up, largely out of curiosity I think, but later finding it useful as a means of communication whilst out on a walk (by linking through to my Facebook wall I could let people know I was safe). Then I found a few people that looked interesting and it mushroomed from there. Now I’m drowning in tweets and don’t have time to read them all. And spotting the good stuff amongst the drivel is becoming increasingly difficult. … Continue reading My new Twitter policy