Clitter and Clotted Cream

Bluebells on East Hill #sh
Bluebells on East Hill


East Hill was a riot of purple and yellow as I climbed up and contoured around to find the first tor of the day Continue reading “Clitter and Clotted Cream”

Autumn in the Lakes: Nature’s Palette

All is dark when I finally arrive in Windermere, after some nail-biting moments on the train journey up, wondering if I would make my connections at Preston and Oxenholme. Not wanting to wait for the bus, when there’s a taxi right here, I hop in the car and minutes later am at Ambleside youth hostel, timing my arrival for a mini-flood of people waiting to check in. Continue reading “Autumn in the Lakes: Nature’s Palette”


Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 9: Beddgelert to Conwy

Beddgelert disappears behind me as I tackle the steepest part of the walk and head for the climax of this trip. This is a time to enjoy the finest mountains in Wales, but also to get used to seeing people again, for soon I have to re-enter civilisation. Continue reading “Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 9: Beddgelert to Conwy”

Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 8: Barmouth to Beddgelert

And now things get serious with the most controversial section of the Cambrian Way. Rough walking over demanding terrain, nowhere to stay overnight, but in the eyes of Tony Drake the most rewarding part of the whole route. Except in my case, I don’t have the accommodation issue… Continue reading “Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 8: Barmouth to Beddgelert”

The wind and my 11 inch sausage

Thursday was always predicted to be the worst day in terms of weather but even so the forecast I picked up on Wednesday morning seemed better than before I left home. How wrong I was.
Continue reading “The wind and my 11 inch sausage”

The Brackenbottom route to Pen-y-ghent

Trip Report: Yorkshire 3 Peaks TweetMeet

The sky darkened and rain streaked across the carriage window as the train drew further north. Not a good sign. Time to put some faith in the weather forecast, which had remained consistent over the last few days, promising largely dry conditions with the odd shower and light breezes. Not perfect, but certainly sounding better than the Lake District the week before, which had led to abandonment of the trip.  I really wanted this one to go a bit better… Continue reading “Trip Report: Yorkshire 3 Peaks TweetMeet”

A Far Eastern Odyssey

All Change

The rain is falling outside, but otherwise all is quiet as I have the house to myself. Soon the family will return from their afternoon out and in a few hours time the long Jubilee weekend will be over, and it will be time to head back to work. And it’s likely to be an intense and busy few weeks. My current client project really gets going in earnest this week and this starts to cast doubt on the feasibility of taking two weeks off at the start of July to do a coast to coast walk. Continue reading “A Far Eastern Odyssey”


Favourite Fells – Yewbarrow

Quite simply, Yewbarrow is the best fell in Wasdale.  But before you Great Gable or Scafell lovers shoot me down, let me explain my reasoning. Continue reading “Favourite Fells – Yewbarrow”


Favourite Fells – Helvellyn

I suppose it was inevitable that Helvellyn would come out as one of my favourite fells.  My first mountain experience took place there, and it’s my most visited fell (jointly with Skiddaw).  Now Helvellyn is not what I call a beautiful mountain, (although individual parts of it are), and it’s mainly the quality of the walks on the mountain, and its close neighbours, that propel it to a high spot on my list. Continue reading “Favourite Fells – Helvellyn”