South West Coast Path 2011 – Debrief


Although we’ve done a chunk of the pub for the last 3 years, this year’s ultimately turned out to be the hardest to arrange and felt really expensive too. And there are a number of reasons for this. Continue reading “South West Coast Path 2011 – Debrief”

Cumbria Way – The End of the Walk

So that’s it. As I limp away from Carlisle Castle through the urban ugliness of the city centre, I’m not feeling any sense of achievement. That came about 4 miles out from Carlisle, when I knew I’d make it (somehow), but completely evaporated on the slog over the tarmac.

If the Cumbria Way finished in Dalston, that would have suited me fine, and I don’t think it gains anything from the extra spirit-crushing crawl Continue reading “Cumbria Way – The End of the Walk”

River Caldew

Cumbria Way Day 10

Today’s mission is simple – get to Carlisle. I’m ditching Fauld’s Brow. It looks rubbish. I reckon this might save me up to 3 miles. It’s still going to be bloody hard going though. If need be it’ll be on with the MP3 player for the duration.

And so it proved. Day 10 turned out to be the hardest day of all.

The wind whistled around the barn all night and it took ages to get out of bed (or should that be off of mattress). Continue reading “Cumbria Way Day 10”