Autumn in the Lakes: Business as Usual

Having been spoilt by a couple of days of great weather and some delightful colours on the fells, the forecast for today wasn’t looking so good – clearly I’ve used up my quota of decent conditions. ¬†Either that or nature has decided that as it is now December, it ought to get on with winter properly. Continue reading “Autumn in the Lakes: Business as Usual”

Mission Complete

I woke to sunlight infiltrating the tent, which made a nice change from gloom and rain. Above my head a 3 inch long jet black slug was slowly making its way along the outer seam of my tent’s inner and I lay there for a few minutes fascinated by it, but at the same time hoping it would bugger off before the time came to strike camp. Continue reading “Mission Complete”

Climbing to Scarth Gap

A Day of Judgement

The title’s probably a touch dramatic, but in my post New Year’s zombie-like state of mind, it seemed to do the trick. ¬†Of course, if you believe the Mayans we’ve just had our last New Year’s Eve parties (no loss there really) as the world is due to end sometime this year. Continue reading “A Day of Judgement”