My new Twitter policy

When Twitter first started, I thought what a load of pointless nonsense, and left it well alone. But somewhere along the way I signed up, largely out of curiosity I think, but later finding it useful as a means of communication whilst out on a walk (by linking through to my Facebook wall I could let people know I was safe). Then I found a few people that looked interesting and it mushroomed from there. Now I’m drowning in tweets and don’t have time to read them all. And spotting the good stuff amongst the drivel is becoming increasingly difficult. … Continue reading My new Twitter policy

A Year in Tweets

This year I really started to get into using Twitter to record my walks, network with other outdoors types and pass comment on the issues of the day.  Here’s a selection of the least bad:

Joined new gym today & had facilities all to myself. Only downside was rain & the 7 mile run to get there. #fb” [11-Feb, 20:00]

On the Tilbury ferry. Heading off for a 2 day yomp across the North Downs. #fb” [02-Mar, 08:28]

Having lunch on Holly Hill [02-Mar, 13:05]

Mmm pheasant. But with this heavy pack on I’ll never catch it. 😦 #fb” [02-Mar, 14:06]

Shattered after taking 17 miles to do a walk that is 3 in a straight line. And still got 2 miles left. Never been so glad to see A2. #fb” [02-Mar, 16:02]

Starting to get obsessed by minimising my pack weight for next week’s Cumbria Way trip.” [21-Mar, 09:07] Continue reading “A Year in Tweets”