(Virtual) TGOC 2020: Part 5

The End A time of mixed emotions: on one hand there is the achievement of dipping the feet in the North Sea; on the other the disappointment that it's all over. That's stayed pretty constant as a baseline throughout my 3 Challenges, but the actual details have varied slightly.. Challenge #1 (2017) If I were … Continue reading (Virtual) TGOC 2020: Part 5

(Virtual) TGOC 2020: Part 4

I'm technically late with my "phone-in" again, but I was supposed to phone in Tuesday (from Clova) and then again from either Forfar (on Wednesday) or Brechin (on Thursday), depending on route taken. So it seemed like a good idea to split the difference and combine them in one Wednesday "phone-in". This post covers days … Continue reading (Virtual) TGOC 2020: Part 4

(Virtual) TGOC 2020: Part 3

Oops, I'm late for another phone-in. I should have been in Braemar yesterday (or "Graemar" on my virtual route). Days 8, 9 and 10 on the (real) 2020 Challenge would have seen me head from Kingussie up Glen Tromie, before cutting across to Glen Feshie. I'd then given myself the option of a couple of … Continue reading (Virtual) TGOC 2020: Part 3

(Virtual) TGO Challenge 2020: Part 2

Today (ok yesterday, as I'm posting this the following morning) is day 7 on the Virtual TGO Challenge, and we're halfway across. The crossing of the A9, at least for those in the Newtonmore to Aviemore area, seems to symbolise the halfway point. Of course, if on a more southerly route, you'll have already crossed … Continue reading (Virtual) TGO Challenge 2020: Part 2

(Virtual) TGO Challenge 2020: Part 1

Today is Day 3 on the Virtual TGO Challenge, and obviously if the Challenge were running normally it would also be day 3 in reality. It was also day 3 on the 3 previous Challenges which I took part in. The first 3 days of the Challenge for me have a rhythm all of their … Continue reading (Virtual) TGO Challenge 2020: Part 1

(Virtual) TGO Challenge 2020: Preparation

With the actual Challenge deferred to 2021, something is needed to fill the gaping hole left. A couple of posts, including one from Sue and Ali, have suggested ways in which a virtual Challenge could be done, within the confines of the lockdown. So this is mine.... There are various ideas about sharing memories of … Continue reading (Virtual) TGO Challenge 2020: Preparation