Best Backpacking Days #1 – Calfhow Pike to Great Mell Fell

A look back at some stand out days of backpacking. Today we go back to August 2014 and the Eastern Fells of the Lake District. This was part of a multi-day effort to finish off the Eastern Fells. An orange glow in the sky and tint on the surrounding fells greeted me when I stuck … Continue reading Best Backpacking Days #1 – Calfhow Pike to Great Mell Fell

Finishing off the Eastern Fells – Part 2

Although slightly cheered by discourse with dormmates last night, the whole rigmarole of staying in the YHA seemed to have been an exercise in trying my patience, and I was glad that phase of the trip was over. Now I could look forward to simply dealing with whatever nature threw at me and any problems … Continue reading Finishing off the Eastern Fells – Part 2

Finishing off the Eastern Fells – Part 1

Four years ago the family had one of those holiday weeks where everybody got to do what they wanted, achieved by us all having separate holidays - my son went off to Scout camp, my wife and daughter headed for Paris, and I had the luxury of a whole week in the Lakes. The usual … Continue reading Finishing off the Eastern Fells – Part 1

Out in the Eastern and Far Eastern Fells – Part 1

Preparation I walked back into the large meeting room that was our base of operations and immediately noticed the tenser atmosphere. All had been going swimmingly when I'd stepped out an hour or so before for another meeting, and we were looking good to complete this stage of the project over the coming weekend. I … Continue reading Out in the Eastern and Far Eastern Fells – Part 1

Lakes or Bust

We climbed on and up, the promised rain holding off but the wind strengthening as we got higher. False summit after false summit nevertheless led us to the eventual top and a struggle to remain upright and on the same patch of ground. To the south, shafts of sunlight broke through the sombre sky and … Continue reading Lakes or Bust

Wainwrights update

In between a busy couple of weeks where my current client project has reached a critical stage, I've not had time to do much outdoors and with miserable weather and feeling shattered from work, not much inclination either. But one thing has been drifting in and out of my thoughts - my project to complete … Continue reading Wainwrights update


Favourite Fells – Helvellyn

I suppose it was inevitable that Helvellyn would come out as one of my favourite fells.  My first mountain experience took place there, and it’s my most visited fell (jointly with Skiddaw).  Now Helvellyn is not what I call a beautiful mountain, (although individual parts of it are), and it’s mainly the quality of the … Continue reading Favourite Fells – Helvellyn

Climbing to Scarth Gap

A Day of Judgement

The title's probably a touch dramatic, but in my post New Year's zombie-like state of mind, it seemed to do the trick.  Of course, if you believe the Mayans we've just had our last New Year's Eve parties (no loss there really) as the world is due to end sometime this year. Video by CGP … Continue reading A Day of Judgement


Whilst everyone else is starting the New Year with positive thinking (that is apart from the effects of last night's drinking), I thought I'd take an opposite tack and talk about failure. In my walking career I've notched up a few failures and whilst I've not let them get to me too much, I'd be … Continue reading Failure

Striding Edge

A Lakeland Round (2011)

With my career break now over half gone and opportunities for trips disappearing fast, I took an 11 day trip to Cumbria to bag some Wainwrights and Nuttalls.  Having done the majority of the convenient stuff in the easily accessible centre of Lakeland, this was always going to be about knocking off some of the … Continue reading A Lakeland Round (2011)

A Lakeland Round (2011): The Stats

Not everyone is interested in the stats, so let's keep the analysis in a separate post. Summits bagged The 29 Wainwrights "bagged", in order, are: Dodd (Skiddaw) Whinlatter Barf Lord's Seat (M) Broom Fell Graystones Ling Fell Sale Fell Barrow Outerside Mellbreak (M) Rannerdale Knotts High Crag (H) High Stile (Wainwright summit) Red Pike (Buttermere) … Continue reading A Lakeland Round (2011): The Stats

A Lakeland Round (2011): Day 11 – Thursday 14 July

Glenridding to Penrith I feel awful. An early night was a waste of time as I couldn't get to sleep, and with the 4 bunk dorm full, anytime someone moved on the uncomfortable beds all 4 were aware of it. And the banging and crashing upstairs didn't help. I woke with raging hay fever, courtesy … Continue reading A Lakeland Round (2011): Day 11 – Thursday 14 July

Striding Edge

A Lakeland Round (2011): Day 10 – Wednesday 13 July

Making up for yesterday Despite me saying last night that I'd do today's original planned walk and tack yesterday's omitted walk on the end of it, I never thought I'd actually do it. But I have the aching feet to prove it....The day dawned fine and bright with high broken cloud and it stayed that … Continue reading A Lakeland Round (2011): Day 10 – Wednesday 13 July