Snowy Learnings of Cumbria for Make Benefit Glorious Walk of Cambrian Way

Hopefully you can see where I’m going with the title of this one… Continue reading “Snowy Learnings of Cumbria for Make Benefit Glorious Walk of Cambrian Way”

Far Eastern Odyssey – The Debrief

Considering that the first attempt at this trip went tits up due to the weather taking umbrage at my presence in the Lakes, this second attempt went really well. This is a short post on why. Continue reading “Far Eastern Odyssey – The Debrief”

A more efficient camp routine is needed

Improving My Camp Routine

In case you were wondering, this isn’t a post about Dale Winton. Although I’m sure that would be a most worthy subject for a blog entry. Continue reading “Improving My Camp Routine”

Caldera Cone in action in the field

A Far Eastern Odyssey – Part 4: Bad Weather ? Bad Gear ? Bad Decisions ?

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

Or so goes the proverb.  But it’s a load of sanctimonious bollocks… Continue reading “A Far Eastern Odyssey – Part 4: Bad Weather ? Bad Gear ? Bad Decisions ?”

Day 3 - the best scenery of the trip

SCWP 2012: Post Mortem

Ok, maybe the title is a bit dramatic.  It wasn’t anything like a complete failure, unless you only measure it against the original plan to walk as far as Falmouth over 7 days rather than to Par over 4. Indeed, the irony was that in some ways this trip was the best of the 5 SWCP sections so far… Continue reading “SCWP 2012: Post Mortem”

Monica takes it easy as she dries out

My first wild camp – Part 4: Job Done

Monica is in the garage, sprawling languidly over a selection of discarded furniture and old boxes, as she dries out from the trip. It was sods law that having been dry as a bone both nights up high, that she should be sopping wet on the morning I travel home.

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Me on Scafell on the day of the big decision

Happy Days

Today’s been quite special, as it’s exactly one year since I walked out of the permanent job I’d had for getting on for 15 years. And I’m surrounded by reminders of how right that decision was. Continue reading “Happy Days”

Project Management for Hillwalkers – Part 1

Part 1: Why even bother ?

No, I haven’t finally lost it and become unable to distinguish between work and play.  And yes, whilst project management is my “day job”, I do seriously believe it has something to offer the hillwalker; especially one like me for whom a trip to the hills is too infrequent because of where I live, and on which consequently there’s a lot of pressure for it to be successful. Continue reading “Project Management for Hillwalkers – Part 1”

Hillplodder’s Laws of Motion

I’m going to let you into a little secret – I did Maths at university and then went on to become an accountant.  So it’s probably no surprise to any readers of this blog that there’s a fair amount of analysis of my hill walking contained within.

Now, I’d like to emphasise that it’s not just for the sake of it, driven by some geeky obsession with figures (ok, maybe a little bit), but because for a while now it has seemed to me that I walk to a pattern.  And if I can work out what that pattern is, I can bring more predictability to my walk planning so that I never miss the last bus or get overtaken by sunset.  So this post is an attempt to share the results of my experiments, and to give my equations of motion. Continue reading “Hillplodder’s Laws of Motion”

Evolution of a Walker

Evolution, n: any process of formation or growth; development. A product of such development. A process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development. Continue reading “Evolution of a Walker”

A Lakeland Round (2011): The Stats

Not everyone is interested in the stats, so let’s keep the analysis in a separate post. Continue reading “A Lakeland Round (2011): The Stats”

A Lakeland Round (2011): Debrief

This has been a bit of a strange trip, and I have to say after 15 trips to the Lake District, I didn’t expect to still be learning lessons about my walking capabilities. Continue reading “A Lakeland Round (2011): Debrief”

Cumbria Way – afterthoughts

A week after the end of the trip, I can now look at what went well and what didn’t….. Continue reading “Cumbria Way – afterthoughts”

A Lakeland Round 2007: The End

Well this trip has been a bit of a journey.  Not quite the journey, either literally or figuratively, that I was aiming for though. I’ve had some massive lows – on the first day when I realised I’d screwed up big time by travelling too heavy and being over-optimistic with how much I could do each day, and on the last day when the cumulative effects of the last few days weather and the trials of this trip almost overwhelmed me. Continue reading “A Lakeland Round 2007: The End”