Wildcamp Gallery 2012-2019

This is simply a gallery with pictures from every wildcamp I’ve ever done, which I’m updating periodically as I remember. Due to the (now) large number of items, I have re-organized the page so that it’s split by year (most recent first). This also helps me spot when I need to update it.

Click here for the 2020s.


Wildcamps: 141-158 | Locations: Lake District, Scotland, Dartmoor, Brecon Beacons, Arans, South East England | Shelters: Scarp 1, Helm 1, MLD Duomid, Lunar Solo, Tramplite Backpacker


Wildcamps: 111-140 | Locations: Dartmoor, South East England, Lake District, Scotland | Shelters: Scarp 1, Snugpak Ionosphere, Wild Country Helm 1, Hexpeak, MLD Duomid, Trekkertent Stealth 1.5


Wildcamps: 85-110 | Locations: Dartmoor, Cambrian Way, Lake District, Peak District, Scotland, South East England | Shelters: Scarp 1, Hexpeak, MLD Duomid, Snugpak Ionosphere, Outdoor Research Helium Bivy


Wildcamps: 59-84 | Locations: Lake District, Dartmoor, Kent, Cambrian Way, Peak District, Two Moors Way | Shelters: Scarp 1, Hexpeak, Lunar Solo, Snugpak Ionosphere, MLD Duomid


Wildcamps: 39-58 | Locations: Dartmoor, Wealdway, Lake District, Radnor Forest, South East England | Shelters: Scarp 1, Hexpeak, Higear Soloista, Snugpak Ionosphere


Wildcamps: 25-38 | Locations: Lake District, Scotland, Cambrian Way | Shelters: Scarp 1, Rab Ridge Raider, Trailstar


Wildcamps: 10-24 | Locations: Lake District, Cambrian Way, Peak District | Shelters: Scarp 1, Higear Soloista


Wildcamps: 1-9 | Locations: Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia | Shelters: Scarp 1

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