An Alternative Cumbria Way

I've been thinking a lot about ways to improve the Cumbria Way, with a suggested new northern end, some options for a new southern end, and a number of ideas for "quick fixes" to liven up the standard route. But now it's time to actually put my money where my mouth is and share the … Continue reading An Alternative Cumbria Way

Fixing the Cumbria Way – Southern Endings and New Routes

In my last post I talked about my proposed new Northern End point for an amended Cumbria Way, and also discussed the merits and demerits of the other options. In the northern case, I felt the answer was pretty clear cut - to me there was one outstanding candidate for a revised end - the … Continue reading Fixing the Cumbria Way – Southern Endings and New Routes

Fixing the Cumbria Way – A New Northern End Point

As I discussed in my earlier post, the single biggest issue with the Cumbria Way is where it ends.  No one wants to spend a week walking through lovely Lake District scenery and end it all walking through an industrial estate or next to a railway.  There has to be a better way. Of course, moving … Continue reading Fixing the Cumbria Way – A New Northern End Point

Quick Fixes to the Cumbria Way

In my previous post, I talked about the problems with the Cumbria Way official route, and in this post I'm going to propose some quick fixes to the route that involve minimal change overall, and importantly don't create a whole new long distance path. Really these are just some ideas for varying the walk, but … Continue reading Quick Fixes to the Cumbria Way

Fixing the Cumbria Way

"If it's not broken, then don't fix it", so goes the saying, and there's a lot of truth in it. But for me the Cumbria Way is broken and what is generally a fine walk has got serious flaws that almost stopped me doing it in the first place and would weigh heavily on my … Continue reading Fixing the Cumbria Way

Cumbria Way – afterthoughts

A week after the end of the trip, I can now look at what went well and what didn't..... The route Overall, I did all of the key elements that I had planned except Black Fell and Blencathra & co, both of which were abandoned due to conditions. Although at the time I wrote that … Continue reading Cumbria Way – afterthoughts

Cumbria Way – The End of the Walk

So that's it. As I limp away from Carlisle Castle through the urban ugliness of the city centre, I'm not feeling any sense of achievement. That came about 4 miles out from Carlisle, when I knew I'd make it (somehow), but completely evaporated on the slog over the tarmac. If the Cumbria Way finished in … Continue reading Cumbria Way – The End of the Walk

Lonely path around the base of the fells

Cumbria Way Day 9

The wind was howling around the bunkhouse throughout the night and was still doing so at breakfast time. Meanwhile a mist had descended. Marie summarised the weather forecast as "not much respite". That did imply some level of respite though! All my wet kit had dried, and just as importantly, warmed up by the stove … Continue reading Cumbria Way Day 9

Escape to Skiddaw House

Cumbria Way Day 8

Last night the warden told me that the forecast was for two days of rain, which probably meant loads of wind as well. But I woke to clear weather with a good view towards Carrock Fell from my bedroom window. Having steeled myself for a day kicking around the hostel, it now looked like it … Continue reading Cumbria Way Day 8

Knott from Little Calva

Cumbria Way Day 7

Skiddaw House is the highest youth hostel in England, and I took advantage of a 1,550 feet head start today. Today I'm not strictly doing the Cumbria Way. Today and tomorrow I am doing some side walks to take advantage of the location, and I will continue the trek itself on Tuesday. A similar start … Continue reading Cumbria Way Day 7

Catbells in mist and rain

Cumbria Way Day 5

A big dose of inertia, justified as "giving the weather a chance to calm down", meant I didn't leave the barn until 10. I set off along the Cumbria Way across the fields towards Castle Crag, gradually rising up the fell, as the wind picked up. I didn't linger there and carried on down towards … Continue reading Cumbria Way Day 5