Camp of the Year 2021 (and other matters…)

After the disappointment of not being able to get out much last year, it was pleasing to get back to a more normal level of camps out this year. This year I racked up 26 wild camps and 9 "tame" camps. This takes my all time total to 194 wild camps - which means I … Continue reading Camp of the Year 2021 (and other matters…)

Camp of the Year 2019

This year I only managed 18 wild camps (plus an additional 4 tame camps on the TGO Challenge) against a loose target of 24, falling short largely because I shelved plans for weekends away in September and November due to indifferent weather. In any case, 24 would have been well short of some yearly totals, … Continue reading Camp of the Year 2019

2018 Round-Up Part 1: Camps

Persistent readers will no doubt be aware that for the last few years, I've had a camping out competition with my daughter, who does quite a few camps due to her involvement in several sections of the Scout movement. We did it again this year, but with 2018 being A Level year, it was pretty … Continue reading 2018 Round-Up Part 1: Camps

The Ploddies 2014 – Part 2: July to December

For January to June, see the previous post. July Having already been to the Lakes four times in the year, a record for me, I deliberately switched my attention elsewhere, and resumed my assault on the Cambrian Way. Just as the first time, my plan was a little too ambitious and I so burnt myself … Continue reading The Ploddies 2014 – Part 2: July to December