2018 Round-Up Part 3: Art

Before you get too worried that I’m about to bombard you with loads of pictures and ask you to buy them, I’m not. I’m just going to pick out a few instances where the outdoors and art overlapped this year.

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2018 Round-Up Part 2: Pictures

This is nothing more than a selection of pictures to show what happened this year…

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2018 Round-Up Part 1: Camps

Persistent readers will no doubt be aware that for the last few years, I’ve had a camping out competition with my daughter, who does quite a few camps due to her involvement in several sections of the Scout movement. We did it again this year, but with 2018 being A Level year, it was pretty obvious I’d almost certainly win. In the end I won convincingly and broke a record in the process.

Ever since I began wild camping in 2012, the number of camps has been on an upwards trend almost every year. I’ve now camped out around 31 times a year in the last 3 years (30, 32 and 31 respectively). Of these 2016 and 2017 both featured 26 wild camps, reflecting me forcing myself to camp out at least once a month in 2016, and doing my first TGO Challenge in 2017. In 2018, however, 30 of my 31 camps were wild, reflecting both the conversion of tame camps to wild on the 2018 TGO Challenge and the lack of social camp meetups. In terms of stats alone, 2018 would rank as the best year for camping yet. But was it really ?

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Art of the Year 2017

Artistically, 2017 has been increasingly busy, with my first London exhibition to prepare for, a couple of art fairs, and I also began teaching. I have, however, had some time to produce a few paintings – so here is a selection of this year’s work. All items are available for sale, so feel free to get in touch to take them off my hands! Images link to the item in my shop.

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Pictures of the Year 2017

This is just a selection of a few favourite memories and pictures from what’s happened this year.

New Year’s Day: A stroll on Walkhampton Common, Dartmoor

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Camp of the Year 2015

At the start of the year, I set myself the objective of camping out every month of the year. Twelve camps that shouldn’t be too hard should it ? After all I tend to do more than that each year. But what I’ve struggled to do is maintain my tent-dwelling evenly over a year, and I’ve tended to do it in fits and starts. So it wouldn’t be the number of camps that would be the challenge, but the timing of them. Continue reading “Camp of the Year 2015”

2015 Plans

I suppose, having looked back at 2014, I ought to do a post looking forward to 2015. I usually try to avoid posts like this as writing down plans here is usually the kiss of death to them. So I’m going to keep this as brief as I can and try not to over-commit. Continue reading “2015 Plans”

The Ploddies 2014 – Part 2: July to December

For January to June, see the previous post.


Having already been to the Lakes four times in the year, a record for me, I deliberately switched my attention elsewhere, and resumed my assault on the Cambrian Way. Just as the first time, my plan was a little too ambitious Continue reading “The Ploddies 2014 – Part 2: July to December”

The Ploddies 2014 – Part 1: January to June

In my last post, I introduced the idea of the hillplodder.com awards aka The Ploddies. It’s now time to get down to business and look at the things and experiences that have made the year and are worthy of special mention. Continue reading “The Ploddies 2014 – Part 1: January to June”


2012 in Pictures and Memories

2012 has been a bit of an odd year and after taking 8 months off in 2011, this year was always going to be a little more work focussed. However, I never expected my current assignment to last into the summer, let alone make it to the end of the year. Whilst this kept me from big chunks of time on the hills, it has been advantageous in two ways. Firstly, that  it has now put me in the position of being able to take an extended break in 2013 which will afford the opportunity to undertake some bigger walks (more about that later). And secondly, the nature of the assignment meant a far greater degree of flexibility and the ability to dictate when I took time off than I might have got from a different client. That ultimately resulted in more trips. Continue reading “2012 in Pictures and Memories”