Playing with the Hexpeak

In a recent post, I mentioned that I’m giving up on my failed experiment with the Trailstar, and switching to a mid instead – specifically, the Luxe Hexpeak.

The new shelter arrived on Tuesday and I had to wait a couple of days before the weather and the ground was dry enough to pitch and do the seam sealing. And I’ve now had a chance to pitch the shelter for a second time and get her properly ready for use in the field. Continue reading “Playing with the Hexpeak”

Wild Camping planning 2

This week my work situation became a little clearer, and I’ve felt able to view a trip at the end of April/start of May as something which is going to happen.  And in order to enjoy the spontaneity that the trip will bring, some further planning and decisions will be needed. Continue reading “Wild Camping planning 2”