My First Wildcamp

A trip with the express purpose of having my first wild camp. I chose an area I’d visited before, with reasonable options for a bail out if needed, but which also gave the opportunity to revisit places I’d not been for a while, some favourite places and to mop up some fells missing from my bag.


Day 1: Friday 4 May
Travelling up to the Lakes and a walk up to Codale Tarn for my first ever wild camp.

Morning at Codale Tarn
Morning at Codale Tarn

London was grey and damp as I passed through but as the train headed north it seemed to brighten, even revealing a patch of blue sky. I changed trains at Preston and settled down for the best part of the journey – the final scenic run into the mountains.  As is my wont, I gazed left towards the Coniston fells and the Langdale Pikes, and right to the foothills of the Far Eastern fells, the excitement building from this exercise, as always.

Off the train at Windermere, and with the jaunty and confident moves of a seasoned local I was at the right bus stop in seconds.

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Day 2: Saturday 5 May
A walk over the Langdale Pikes, a meal stop in Borrowdale and a camp on Rosthwaite Fell.

The pitch at Tarn at Leaves
The pitch at Tarn at Leaves

All night the wind gusted around the tent, setting off metallic twangs as the crossing poles resonated. I lay shivering in my sleeping bag, barely dozing for much of the seemingly endless night, willing the dawn to come. …Continue reading->

Day 3: Sunday 6 May
A walk along the Glaramara ridge and descent to Langdale.

Looking to Dovenest Top
Looking to Dovenest Top

I woke (yes actually woke, thereby signifying that I’d actually slept!) early and stuck my head out the door to see if there was any sort of sunrise going on.  Not much happening of interest, so I had a lie in.  Sleep had come courtesy of no musical wind, a better set of nocturnal sartorial arrangements and I guess out of sheer tiredness.…Continue reading->

Day 4: Monday 7 May
The end of the trip.

I lay in my sleeping bag enjoying the (relative) warmth having found that the recipe to not shiver all night was to wear almost every stitch of clothing and what I couldn’t wear to stuff down inside the sleeping bag anyway.  Around me the campsite came tent by tent to life, the noises of fellow campers’ morning routines magnified through the canvas silnylon. …Continue reading->

The Route

L016 Greater Langdale Circuit-Actual

Trip stats

Total Distance 24.82 miles (39.94 km)
Total Ascent 1,771m
Total Descent 1,782m
Total Walking Time 13 hours 55 mins
Average Speed 1.78 mph (2.87 kph)
Flat-Equivalent Distance 36.63 miles (58.94 km)
Flat-Equivalent Speed 2.63 mph (4.24 kph)
New Trail 100s 0
New Marilyns 0
New Hewitts 1
New Nuttalls 4
New Wainwrights 1
New Birketts 4

Hills Bagged

Date Hill# Name  T  Ma  Hew  Ne  W  WO  B
 05/05/12 2407 Sergeant Man  – R R
 05/05/12 2396 High Raise  R  R R R R R
 05/05/12 2413 Thunacar Knott  – R R R
 05/05/12 2417 Pike of Stickle  R R R R R
 06/05/12 2467 Rosthwaite Fell (Bessyboot) 159 252
 06/05/12 2453 Rosthwaite Cam  – 147 253
 06/05/12 2447 Dovenest Top 139 148 254
 06/05/12 2431 Combe Door Top 149
 06/05/12 2408 Combe Head 150 255
 06/05/12 2389 Glaramara R R R R R
 06/05/12 2388 Allen Crags R R R R

“R” denotes a repeat visit to a fell already bagged. A number indicates how many of that type of hill have been bagged.

2 thoughts on “My First Wildcamp

    1. I use Anquet digital mapping to plan my routes. The picture in the blog is simply a screen capture (ALT+Print Screen in Windows) that’s then pasted into Powerpoint as a picture. I then crop it and add in other pictures/shapes etc to annotate the map. Then select the whole thing and save as a picture from Powerpoint. I do this in Powerpoint because it’s easiest to save the end picture from there. The process would clearly also work if you scanned or photographed a paper map marked up with your route.Hope that helps.


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