Trip Report: A Far Eastern Odyssey

It could have been a great trip, were it not for the weather and the way I dealt with it.  Here’s the story of the trip – how it was planned, what happened and the lessons learned.

The individual posts telling of the story of the trip are indexed below:

Initial Planning – The initial phases of planning

The Plan Takes Shape – A possible solution to the Far Eastern problem. But the plan then changed again by the time I came to do the trip.

Loading my Camel – the final route and gear choices

Part 1: A Failure Avenged – Saturday 30 June 2012. In which a past failure is revisited.

Part 2: A Lost Mojo – Sunday 1 July 2012. The weather hits back.

Part 3: Whiffs of Vanilla and Echoes of Thriller – Monday 2 July 2012. Adjusting to circumstances.

Part 4: Bad Weather ? Bad Gear ? Bad Decisions ? – Tuesday 3 July 2012. The end of the trip.

Trip stats

Total Distance 23.57 miles (37.91 km)
Total Ascent 1,838m
Total Descent 1,736m
Total Walking Time 13 hours 52 mins
Average Speed 1.70 mph (2.73 kph)
Flat-Equivalent Distance 35.82 miles (57.63 km)
Flat-Equivalent Speed 2.58 mph (4.16 kph)
New Wainwrights 8
New Hewitts 4
New Nuttalls 4
New Birketts 8

The Actual Route

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