Spring Gear Clearout

I’m having a clear out of various items. Having recently upgraded my cook system to a Stormin Cone, I’m a bit oversupplied with stoves and cookware, so it’s time some of this went to a good home. A few other bits listed below that I no longer need, including a camera and a backpack.

Item Desc Weight Condition Price Status
A Alpkit Koro Stove 133g Used Good £25 + pp
B Alpkit Concertina windshield 120g Used Good £5 +pp
C Alpkit MytiStax cookset 276g Used £30 +pp Available
D Honey Stove 209g Used £40 +pp
E Uco Micro Lantern 148g Used £11 + pp
F Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle 1L 198g Used £4 + pp
G Berghaus Insulated Mug 237g Used £3 + pp Available
H Ortlieb Water Bag 4L 123g Used £9 + pp Available
I ULA Fastpack 800g Used Excellent £95 +pp Available
J Garmin Virb action camera 282g Used Good £45 +pp

Items A, C, E, F, G, H, I, J will all be Royal Mail Small parcel size so postage will be £4 for second class. Items B and D will be Royal Mail large letter size and postage will be £2 and £3 respectively. Postage is £4 on any combination of items. I will also offer Collect+. All payments by PayPal. I am open to collection in person where this is practicable.

Please contact me via this post, the contact form on this blog, or on twitter (@backpackartist). These items are also listed on the Outdoor Gear Exchange on Facebook.

A. Alpkit Koro remote canister gas stove.

133g including bag. (RRP new £45). Used but in good working order. No gas included.

B. (shown with item A) Alpkit Concertina windshield.

120g (RRP new £11). Used in good condition.

C. Alpkit MytiStax cookset

With 1200ml and 800ml pots and 400ml non-stick frying pan/lid. 276g (RRP new £55). Used (photos show condition). Will include 37g MYOG pot cosy (shown in first photo) for free.

D.  Backpackinglight.co.uk Honey Stove in titanium.

209g including pouch and extras. (RRP new £75).

I have thrown in a pair of titanium skewers for use as pot support. Requires Trangia-style alcohol/gel burner (not included), or use wood. Great little stove that can be configured as a square or hexagon. Experienced and well-used look thrown in at no extra charge.

E.  Uco micro lantern, blue, with neoprene protective case.

148g. Uses tealights (1 in lantern, with extra stored in base, not included). Glass recently replaced. Used

F.  Nalgene 1L wide-mouth bottle with original cap and narrow cap adaptor.

198g. Used.


G.  Berghaus insulated mug 0.5L

237g. (RRP new £8). Used.

H.  Ortlieb water bag 4L

123g. (RRP new £18). Used.


I.  ULA Fastpack 45L. Long backlength. 

Used, but excellent condition. £95 (+£4 p&p)

Vest-style pack with no hipbelt, just a torso strap. Intended for “fast and light” use, it’s good as a roomy daypack, and will work carrying camping/bivvy gear for an overnight. Each shoulder strap has a zipped pocket and a large open drink-bottle holder pocket. Good strong mesh back pocket will hold a tent, although that’s not the most stable way to carry on this pack. Good size side pockets, compression straps and roll top allowing compression for small loads, or overstuffing. ULA quality build (I bought this almost entirely because my main backpack, a ULA Circuit, is the most comfortable and useful pack I’ve ever had). Complete with original hydration sleeve and valuables pocket.

Volume = 45L (Main body 25L, Extension Collar 15L, Outside pockets 5L)

Good strong, tough pack that’s been looked after. I’ve got myself a Berghaus Fasthike 45L pack instead which suits my needs a bit better.

J.  Garmin virb full HD action camera. 

Used but really good condition. £45 (+£4 p&p).

Garmin Virb action camera (older model, bought 2016). At the time, it was a great budget alternative to a GoPro, and especially useful if also using a Garmin sports watch as it can overlay your track on the final video. Took some great videos with this, and was particularly useful for backpacking with and doing timelapses of sunset/sunrise etc. However, I don’t seem to have used it for a year, so I might as well move it onto someone who will.

A couple of sample videos shot with this Virb (some stills from other cameras may be on these too, but all the video content is from the Virb):

Camera comes including tripod mount. I can include a USB mini lead if required. SD Card not included.

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