Don't Make Me Go South of the River (Jubilee Greenway Part 2)

**I’ve had to re-write this post a couple of times as events have moved faster than my speed of write-up. This walk was undertaken at the very start of March, when the “plague” referred to below had reached the UK, but had not escalated to the stage it’s at now. It would be totally irresponsible to undertake such a walk at the current moment, so don’t. In the unlikely event this post inspires you to do the Jubilee Greenway, by all means plan it, but leave the actual walk for after “this” is all over.**

2 thoughts on “Don't Make Me Go South of the River (Jubilee Greenway Part 2)

  1. I love how many places try to claim fame to historical events. King Arthur and his round table/castle are in about 14 locations around this isle. The pilgrims eventually left for America from Plymouth, landing at Plymouth Rock, the London sailing failed and they turned back to Plymouth, taking on Dutch passengers from the Speedwell. Only beyond that first sailing did a second ship called Mayflower sail from London to America


  2. This was an enjoyable read particularly liked the section on the Woolwich Tunnel. I use to use this as a kid to see my aunt. My memories are very much in line with yours except that I remember the drips of water from the roof of the tunnel. Nothing serious but as a kid obviously enough to stick in my memory.


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