Ravenglass to Coniston

The train dropped me at Ravenglass at lunchtime, and with a pub practically on the platform it would have been rude not to "fuel" for the rigours of the arduous trek that lay before me. Suitably fortified, I sallied forth and set off past the Roman Bath House and down to the Esk. A delightful … Continue reading Ravenglass to Coniston

The “No Wainwrights” Lake District Backpack

After all the shenanigans getting ready for my art exhibition at the start of the month, and then helping a friend with her exhibition which immediately followed mine, I'd managed to rack up a couple of months without any significant time in the outdoors. Other than a brief snatched camp out locally, but then a … Continue reading The “No Wainwrights” Lake District Backpack

A Snowy Saunter around the Southern Fells

I lay in my sleeping bag nervously watching the tent flexing and straining under the force of the icy wind blowing down from the head of Eskdale, hoping it would hold as it was now too dark to shift camp to somewhere more sheltered. Memories of a past windy camp came back to both haunt … Continue reading A Snowy Saunter around the Southern Fells

Far Eastern Odyssey – The Redemption

After I had to abort my Far Eastern fells trip back in July, a second attempt was always going to be on the cards. This time, though, the weather was, for the most part, more favourable. Here's the story. Planning Day 1: Tuesday 18 September After a train to Penrith and bus to Pooley Bridge, … Continue reading Far Eastern Odyssey – The Redemption

The Odyssey resumes

I ambled along Fenchurch Street, by now used to the looks of mild disdain that the sight of a guy dressed for the outdoors and carrying a rucksack evokes in city folk. I left them to hurry on to their early heart attacks while I headed for nature's playground, deriving extra satisfaction from the fact … Continue reading The Odyssey resumes

My “Oriental” Plan takes shape

I've spent what little spare time I've had in the evenings over the last week staring at the map and my Lake District wallchart, trying to crack the puzzle that is the Far Eastern Fells.  And I think I might finally be getting somewhere... The octopus-like nature of the FE Fells makes for difficult planning … Continue reading My “Oriental” Plan takes shape

Cumbria Way – The End of the Walk

So that's it. As I limp away from Carlisle Castle through the urban ugliness of the city centre, I'm not feeling any sense of achievement. That came about 4 miles out from Carlisle, when I knew I'd make it (somehow), but completely evaporated on the slog over the tarmac. If the Cumbria Way finished in … Continue reading Cumbria Way – The End of the Walk

Beacon Tarn

Cumbria Way Day 2

When I booked Fell End camping barn, I didn't have any other options given the route I wanted to take. Nevertheless it was an ok choice as it had all the basics (shelter, something to sleep on, a toilet and drinking water) and was only £8.50. Also my knee seems to have recovered overnight but … Continue reading Cumbria Way Day 2


A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 2 – Tuesday 17 April

Let's start by adding a 5th lesson to last night's list: don't expect a good night's sleep in a tent.  I know the first night in a strange bed isn't usually great, but you can multiply that by 10 when sleeping in a tent and on a very (too) thin mat.  I probably did sleep … Continue reading A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 2 – Tuesday 17 April